Thank You, Houston!

I want to thank and congratulate all those who voted in yesterday’s elections for being part of the Democratic process. Our great society is better because of citizens like you.

My heartfelt gratitude to all the candidates who participated in this year’s elections, thank you for your contributions and services. Special thanks to all 17 candidates for the position of ‎mayor of city of Houston, it was an honor to be part of this esteemed group of people. Your stand on issues and narratives will be very important and helpful to our city leaders.

I want to offer my sincere and best wishes to Senator John Whitmire and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson -Lee who made the runoff. May the Lord Almighty guide you to serve Houston and Help you to be the best leader for this city if Lord so chooses.

It is my firm belief that Lord Almighty requires us to have sincerity of intentions and make the best possible efforts with all the resources one is Blessed with. Results are in the hands of the Lord and He chooses how to reward you.

We should always be thankful to Lord Almighty which I am wholeheartedly.

M. J. Khan

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In this interview with Fox 26’s Greg Groogan, MJ Khan talks about why he is running for Mayor of Houston and about his plan to make an immediate impact on Houston’s challenges of crime and infrastructure in his first 100 days.  

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As the graph above clearly shows, Houston’s budget issues are a result of out of control spending that far exceeds inflation and population growth. That this fact is not more widely known should tell Houstonians how little transparency their elected officials provide. MJ Khan is committed to fiscal discipline, transparency

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About MJ Khan

MJ Khan has proven experience in business management and city government.

He will run the city with a private-sector management philosophy and responsible fiscal policy.

Issue #1: Crime

Houston is currently facing rising crime rates which pose a huge and tragic human cost and decrease our family’s quality of life.

MJ Khan will tackle Houston’s crime problem from day one as mayor.

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