M.J. Khan's Vision for Houston

Safety • Prosperity • Opportunity for All



Houston is currently facing rising crime rates which pose a huge and tragic human cost and decrease our family’s quality of life.

This rising crime also affects the value of our city and homes and acts as an impediment to attracting new business and development.

This impacts our city revenue and our progress.

We simply CANNOT afford to ignore the problem.

First Responders

We WILL support our law enforcement partners and equip them with the manpower and resources they need to help serve our communities and ensure safety for all with a sense of community cooperativity and trust,

Our firefighters contract negotiations have failed again and again which poses a huge $500 million potential liability. But we can come to the table and negotiate in good faith and agree.


Our current infrastructure is unable to cost effectively meet the needs of the greater Houston area which has grown so much.

The city is facing a budget deficit of $225 million…but this is fixable with the right management and attention.

City departments have ballooned and constitute a drain on the budget with areas of inefficiency and redundancy which can be streamlined.

We can FIX this.

State Affairs

The city’s relationship with the state government is currently less than desirable, and it affects the city receiving needing flood management funds and other state support.

WE need to reopen the lines of dialogue and build connections with Austin AND Washington.

City hall must work efficiently and effectively to tackle these issues…but it CAN be done.


The office of Mayor is dedicated to the health and management of the city and is the most critical leadership office to provide for the city’s immediate needs and plan for growth in the future.

The mayor is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the city. Acting as the city’s chief administrator and official representative responsible for city management, the mayor takes on a serious role to ensure safety and equity, seeing that all laws are enforced and ordinances are followed.

The mayor is also responsible for ensuring, along with city council, the appointments of qualified department heads and advisory board members, voting within city council regarding various city ordinances, and mapping out the city’s fiscal health and preparation of annual budgeting to meet the city’s needs and ensure safety and growth in all sectors.

The mayor is also an ambassador and champion for the city within the state legislature and at the national level, helping to attract interest, business, and needed state and federal funding for the city’s benefit.

My vision for Houston is one of safety, prosperity and opportunity for all.

My goals are clear:

  • to fix our rising crime and ensure Houstonian’s safety
  • to effectively budget to continue to provide needed infrastructure and resources to all
  • to attract new business and technology opportunities for all for the benefit of Houston and its residents
  • to have our city serve as a leading example in Texas and across the nation, exhibiting world class living in a community filled with diversity, talent, technology and innovation, and prosperity.

Houston is a diverse city with immense potential. But it is at a critical crossroads due to growth which is taxing resources and leading to issues such as rising crime, greater infrastructure needs within a limited budget, and need for effective planning and development to meet the future challenges.

The right leadership can take this city to the forefront of the next decade or more, placing it as a leader among attractive and safe cities to live…with plentiful jobs and both local and international cooperative business opportunities…as well as great civic engagement and cooperation.

At this time now more than ever…the RIGHT leadership matters.

The city faces challenges to the current infrastructure and a budget deficit.

This requires vision and foresight and leadership to forge a plan and a clear path for future growth and to eliminate issues that could limit Houston’s progress in the future.

I believe I will effectively work together across all offices and departments with the highest ethical standards to be fiscally effective, efficient and empowered, reducing waste in favor of proactive actions and solutions.

I want Houston to be a leading example within this state and to be able to advocate for Houston’s needs and attract state and federal funds which will help build our city infrastructure and increase resources for all our population, be it newcomers and families, businesses, entrepreneurs and developers.

Working with the state is key and important — we cannot have an adversarial relationship with Austin because it negatively impacts the city.