MJ Khan, the leading Republican and only fiscal conservative running for Mayor of Houston, today released his plan for Houston, which he will begin to implement on his first day in office. Khan is the only candidate with a straightforward, clear and aggressive plan to tackle Houston’s crime, crumbling infrastructure, budget deficit and corruption. In his first one hundred days, MJ Khan will:

Start hiring 500 additional uniformed police officers.

  • Increase HPD budget by $100M for new hires and increase funds for technology and equipment.
  • Repair and restructure Houston’s Crime Lab to eliminate backlog that is causing delays in prosecutions.
  • Order HPD to enforce all traffic laws: speeding, red light runners, illegal and unauthorized paper plates, end night-time street racing and “take-overs”. Close down illegal “after-hours” establishments. 
  • Clean up blight from all our local neighborhoods.

Rein in METRO

  • Require Metro to reallocate $200 million of excess annual sales tax collections to all member cities, including Houston.
  • Replace BRT programs with standard buses. Focus on efficient, flexible ridership model. Review expenses and projects to find appropriate cost cutting and efficiencies in Metro budget.

Reform Other Agencies

  • Review all TIRZs. Freeze funding at current levels plus inflation/population. Reallocate excess back to General Fund.
  • Reorganize Housing Department. Perform audit to eliminate waste. Lower costs. End grants to projects with excessive costs.
  • Initiate a “Haven for Hope” program to treat homeless. Revise “Housing First” policy with “Housing and Treatment First.” 
  • Enable homeless with drug / alcohol addiction and/or mental illness to receive access to treatment.

Initiate a program to “Right Size” the City Government.

  • Begin efficiency reviews; perform process, performance and personal audits of all major departments, including Housing, Permitting Center, Traffic Control, Public Works, Water and Sewer.
  • Right-size departments, eliminate waste and duplicate tasks. Consolidate duplicate functions.

Major Shift in Flooding/Drainage Program

  • Initiate efforts to create a $2.5 billion fund for major projects to repair streets and drainage systems.
  • Repair water lines to prevent massive leakage.
  • Eliminate requirement for some “on-site” detention systems in favor of regional detention systems.
  • Ensure that Houston residents receive their fair share of flood mitigation efforts from Harris County by emphasizing that flood bond proceeds are allocated on “greatest need” basis as approved by voters.
  • Improve relationship with Texas State Agencies on flood/drainage funding.

These plans and more will help to reorganize and make efficient use of public funds to serve Houstonians without adding additional tax burdens and cost.