MJ Khan Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Houston

MJ Khan is the sole conservative candidate for Mayor of Houston running on a vision of safety, prosperity, and opportunity for all. He stated that, with his proven experience in business management and city government, he will run the city using a private-sector management philosophy which drives results, and implementing conservative fiscal policies.

The city of Houston faces many challenges which need to be addressed, like crime, flooding, water crises, crumbling infrastructure, budget deficit, unfunded pension liability and retirees’ health benefits. Lack of proper management of city government and inefficient bureaucracy result in such problems and wastage of the public’s tax dollars.

MJ Khan will foster a culture of transparency and accountability, and establish performance metrics and evaluations. He will practice meritocracy in hiring and contracts, and transform bloated bureaucracy to an efficient, lean and productive work force. Houston Housing Authority, Metro and many TIRZ(s) need to be reined in to make best use of public tax dollars.

MJ Khan has a plan to make Houston safer for all citizens.  His plan includes, but is not limited to:

Improving funding for our police department to incentivize qualified candidates and provide tailored training opportunities.

Improving response times by putting greater resources at the disposal of our heroic Emergency Services.

Given we place public trust in our police officers, then we should ensure HPD is properly staffed to ensure the safety and security of our residents and their property.

We will increase police presence in high crime areas and reduce blight in at-risk neighborhoods to deter crime.

The city can negotiate in good faith with the Firefighters union to amicably reach a win-win solution to the firefighters’ renewal contract.

He aims to have strong relationships with state and federal government to address flooding and water crises by building regional detentions, water treatment plants, and consider the feasibility of desalination projects.

He will attract businesses large and small to expand the employment base and establish micro-credit systems with public-private partnership to help underserved communities gain economic prosperity.

He will cut taxes, identify inefficient uses of government funds, and incorporate strong business practices into Houston’s administration.

He will work with County and state governments to ensure ballot security.

He will work closely with local school districts to ensure school safety and parental control of social activities. He will also work with and support the temporary HISD Board of Managers to enhance a quick return of normal operation.

MJ Khan is a former three-term Houston City Council Member. He has an MBA from Rice University and Masters in Civil Engineering from University of Illinois. He is a successful businessman, husband, and father. He is the embodiment of American ideals and the tenacity of the city of Houston. He immigrated to Houston and established himself as a servant leader in the community, an expert in management and finance, and an advocate for serving all Houstonians with respect, equality, and humility.

You can learn more about MJ Khan on his website at www.mjkhanformayor.com.


Friday, June 16, 2023
Houston, Texas

Media Contact:  713-398-4829
Email: mjkhan@mjkhan.com